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The Standard Reports tcodes are classified by Business topics you can easily navigate through. The topics covered here are:. From QM configuration to business process management to working in the system, this is the resource you need.

Get a degree view of the component, learn about QM concepts like samples and certificates, and set up essential master data. Begin by configuring notification types and defining nonconformity costs. Handle external customer complaints in sales and distribution and internal quality issues in production or procurement using correction tasks and the action log. Explore the notification worklist and the solution database. Get the details you need to get the job done!

Check also? Once Inspection Lot are fixed and the Inespection Process has been passed, the inspection Result should analysed. A defect is any property or attribute of a material, product or process that does not meet the inspection characteristic specifications. You record the defects with the help of predefined defect codes maintained in the inspection catalogs. Read also? SAP Equipment Tables? Table of Contents. Click here to get this Book.I tried with SE43, entered area menu as S, but it doesn't give me of the same hierarchy and some transaction were missing, for example IH08 is available in SAP1 transaction and not available in SE Print option in Menu shows the same tree as a list.

The nodes do not get expanded by default. Since you are looking for SAP1, it has lot of transactions, and on expanding it, information message is shown as:. Diagnosis: The hierarchy could not be completely expanded for performance reasons; it has too many subnodes. Expand this node repeatedly until this message no longer appears. The hierarchy is then completely expanded. As a result, IH08 transaction which is under Quality Management node can't be seen in list view as overflow occurred before this node was reached.

On debugging, it can be seen that the tree is expanded recursively by standard until an overflow flag is set. Similarly, you can write a code that recursively expands every sub-tree found so that entire list can be seen. You need to explore on it. You need to do recursive search based on the tree nodes. This is just a pointer. I had a look at it but was not able to connect all the dots.

You need to investigate further. Not what you're looking for? Search community questions. This question has been deleted. This question has been undeleted.

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Thanga Prakash Thanga Raj. Posted on Apr 14, at AM 2. Could you please let me know is there any way to download the list. Regards, Thanga. Add comment.SAP Tcodes purchase order. Premium Members Only Results. Become a Premium Member to view these results.

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Create purchase order. MM - Purchasing. Change purchase order.

sap tcodes download

Display purchase order. Message Output: purchase order s. Release purchase order.

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MM - Inventory Management. MM - Invoice Verification.

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Logistics Execution - Shipping. Mass Change of purchase order s. Process purchase order. SRM - Enterprise Buyer. Services per purchase order. MM - External Services. Replacement for purchase order Item. IS - Manufacturer Part Number. Collective purchase order. LO - Merchandise Distribution. LO - Batches. Reconstruction of purchase order s. PSM - Funds Management. Maintain purchase order Supplement. Service List for purchase order.

Down Payments with purchase order s. FI - Down Payments. LO - Obsolete Functionality. Collective Release of purchase order. MM - Basic Functions. Messages from purchase order s.

SAP SD Tcode List

Assign purchase order s WEB.SAP Tcodes Vendor. Premium Members Only Results. Become a Premium Member to view these results. Start your Free Trial. FI - Financials Scandinavian Countries. Vendor Line Items. FI - Information System. Create Vendor Centrally. FI - Basic Functions. Change Vendor centrally. Clear Vendor. FI - Financial Accounting. Create Vendor Accounting. LO - Vendor Master. Change Vendor Accounting. Display Vendor centrally. Transfer Vendor Master.

Block Vendor Centrally. Maintain Vendor Evaluation. MM - Vendor Evaluation. MM - Invoice Verification. MM - Inventory Management. MM - Purchasing.

SC Stock Monitoring Vendor. Post Vendor Down Payment. Enter Vendor Invoice. Purchase Orders by Vendor.Janagar Sundaramoorthy List of Transaction Codes We can jump to any screen in the SAP system by entering a SAP transaction code into the command field on the standard toolbar. A transaction code is four-character code that guides you directly to the screen for the task we want to perform. The transaction code and its functions are:.

SAP Purchase Order Transaction Codes

There are more thantcodes there. It has the search function based on tcode name, description, and its program and shows the SAP menu path s for each tcode. There are also additional information and links about the tcodes. You can also contribute by adding additional information and link of your favorite tcodes. Somebody know one tcode that input a section abap codes, execute the tcode and then it will tell you which part costs much time and maybe need index or change program style?

ABAP Development. Browse pages. A t tachments 0 Page History. Jira links. Created by Vijayasree Klast modified by Anonymous on Mar 24, No labels. Unknown User nt0a78d. Permalink Jun 20, Rahul Gupta. Thanks for this!

sap tcodes download

Most useful list I've seen lately! Permalink Jun 12, Thanks for sharing. Permalink Feb 27, So I wanted to find out and share a list of all Tcodes with you. To be clear: a transaction code in SAP is a shortcut to an activity or transaction. It used to be that Tcodes were a 4-digit alphanumerical code but not anymore. By the way, you can actually buy books that list all SAP transaction codes. It seems strange to me since you can generate a list of transaction codes yourself very easily.

The second table, TSTCT, is most useful as it includes all transaction codes and the description of what they actually do and it includes all installed languages, too.

SAP Tutorial for beginners - SAP ERP

So I downloaded the entire table to an Excel spreadsheet only in English though. If you want to download this table for yourself in a different language you can easily do so by using transaction code SE16 and then entering table TSTCT. Before I downloaded the table I guessed that there must be 10s of s of transaction codes…maybe 50,? Maybe 70,?

sap tcodes download

Anyway, go ahead and download the list of all SAP transaction codes and play around with it. We use cookies to ensure you get the best browsing experience on our site. Find out how we use cookies and how to change your settings. Got it! View All Courses.

SAP Transaction to download file from SAP directory (file system)

View Schedule. Download all SAP transaction codes. All transaction codes are stored in 2 SAP tables: TSTC this table stores the transaction codes and other technical information such as program name, screen number, etc. And, as always, thank you for sharing this post! Like this article? Please share:.

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Tom has authored numerous books, articles and white papers covering a variety of topics. He is a regular speaker at national SAP conferences and other venues.Sometimes you are looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions".

So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. Just give it a chance Note: Display Print. SMP Quicklinks. Download CDs. CondTab: Pur. CondTab: Del. CondTab: Outl. Material Docs. Doc: Init. Adjustmt: Act. Document MC. Selection; Turnover MC. Selection; Coverage MC. Stock MC. Turnover MC. Coverage MC. Stoc MC. Area Anal. Turnove MC. Coverag MC. Group Analysis Sel. Group Anal. Type Anal. Selection Stoc MC.

Selection: Stock MC. Selection;Turnove MC. Selection;Coverag MC. Selection; Stock MC. Selection; Coverag MC. TIS select. Analysis Quant. Analysis Item Q Not. Overview Q Not. Texts for Eval. Analysis- Q Not.